You’ve probably seen it before: an elderly shopper is tired from a long shopping trip, struggling to steer his cart toward the exit and reach for the door handle, when boom! His feet slip out from under him on the polished surface, and he’s on the floor. What a heartbreaking scene when that fall could have been prevented!

Statistics show that around 25,000 slip-and-fall accidents occur each day, and while some accidents are unavoidable, many problem situations have quite simple solutions, such as adding a non-slip mat to the area in front of the door.

The last thing we want for our customers is to ruin their shopping experience with an injury we could have easily prevented, and it is equally important to protect our own employees from work-related accidents that may occur during daily duties. Evidence suggests that slipping and falling is the single most common cause of injury in the supermarket industry for both employees and shoppers, and while it may seem easy to ignore the statistics if your company has not yet experienced a serious mishap, realize that chances are, without taking the proper precautions, it is only a matter of time before an accident with serious consequences will occur, costing time and money in lost workdays for employees and compensation costs for customers, not to mention the serious injuries these victims will be forced to cope with.

Why risk an injury, lost customer, or lawsuit when there is a simple solution to the problem? Don’t wait for such an incident to happen. Non-slip mats are available and easy to find for a reasonable cost, so be sure to stop by your local hardware store or shop online and pick one up as soon as possible to save both your company and customers the inconvenience and danger of a possible accident.

Here is a short video on matting being used in places that are a little out of the box.

This video shows a clip of a caravan using matting for the lower steps – a great solution to what could be a mucky problem!

Rubber matting is considered one of the best flooring choice for most business premises. This is because it is durable, and it can sustain high traffic without wear and tear. There are other many benefits of using rubber matting in your business. Some of the reasons why it is a preferred choice include:

1. It ensures safety of both clients and workers:
Using this type of flooring reduces chances of falling or such like injuries. Rubber matting and non slip matting allows for a firm grip on the feet to prevent sliding and falling. They are also very comfortable such that if someone falls, they are not likely to get serious injuries. This makes it very easy for both employees and clients to move around without worrying about injuries.

2. It reduces law suits from injury claims:
As a business person, you have to ensure that your business is sheltered from legal suits. Try to imagine what would happen if someone got injured while they were at your premises. It would probably get you entangled in a deep legal battle that could cost you a lot of time and money. What more, it could ruin the reputation of your company and in some instances, it could even make you lose your entire business. If you use rubber matting, then you will reduce these injuries, and ultimately reduce chances of being in a legal battle involving injuries from falling due to bad flooring material.

3. Saves on costs:
Being in business means that you will experience heavy traffic. If you do not invest on a durable solution such as rubber flooring, then you will have to keep doing repairs on your floor. It will be too costly and inconveniencing, since you may have to interrupt business as you install new flooring. That is why you need to choose something that will serve its purpose for a long period.

4. It makes customers have high confidence in your business:
Every customer want to transact business at a place were they feel that they are safe. If you do not provide them with comfort, then they may never return. Matting gives your customers confidence and makes them feel that you value them. So, they are likely to become loyal because they have confidence in your business.

5. It improves aesthetics:
A matted floor looks beautiful and improves the general appearance of the business premises. Rubber matting is available in different colors and designs, so you can choose the one that fits your theme. The other thing is that they do not fade or attract moisture, so they maintain their appeal for a long time without looking untidy. They are also relatively easy to clean, so you are assured of a neat look all the time.

If you are in business, then you ca put rubber matting at the entrance of the company’s door, or at a place where there is heavy traffic and activity such as a factory or a workshop. Generally, it should be used where there is a lot of movement or standing. It can also be used around the swimming pool or a moist area to avoid slips.